"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are"                                                  ~ C.G. Jung.

Life is about relationships and they can sometimes be complicated to navigate. If you are experiencing personal conflict, trauma, or you have experienced significant changes or difficult transitions in your life, we are here to help you navigate those internal dynamics. Therapists at Janus Counseling Center are skillful and sensitive and will utilize a variety of modalities to address individual needs; from evidence-based shorter term treatment, to longer-term psychodynamic modalities.  Each therapist is an expert in his or her field/s and will explore how to best facilitate growth and healing for relationship situations that our clients are facing.

Conflict and trauma is a place of emergence, rather than a reminder of our loss of perfection. In the service of our clients, and through Jungian-style psychotherapy, our clients are often able to help transform suffering into a rebirth of their unique authentic sense of self.

We Work With...

Couples- who are withdrawn from one another and experiencing communication, intimacy or sexual challenges, verbal or physical abusive, anger, guilt, depression, or desiring pre-marital assessment.

Families- who are having trouble communicating, going through difficult transitions, i.e., divorce,separation, or remarriage, the joining two families, or the loss or illness of a family member.

Individuals-who are interested in methods to overcome unwanted behavior patterns, who wish to explore the current impact of past events and relationships, or who are seeking to rediscover their authentic selves through the individuation process.

Adolescents- who are exhibiting challenging behaviors, substance abuse, eating disorders, school related problems, social isolation, or relationship problems.

College Studentswho are managing the stress of academics, relationships, or family, and who are seeking solid strategies in times of emotional challenge.

Children- who are exhibiting symptoms of depression, disruptive behavior, academic challenges, attendance problems, or fears & worry.

Contact Us Today!  Our staff's ultimate goal is staying mindful of what the soul wants.  Don't hesitate to call (805) 845-9649 today, as a complimentary intake session is available in most instances. 

Our Story

After much thought and contemplation, Michael Vogel, MA, PhDc, LMFT went into private practice. His passion was to offer the Santa Barbara community a place where individuals could find skilled and thoughtful therapy.  He wanted to offer clinical counseling interns, those in pursuit of a Marriage & Family Therapist licensure, a place to practice and build skills as clinicians under exemplary supervision.  In 2015 the company expanded when two other therapists, James Murray, MA, LMFT, and Dana Saperstein, PhD, LMFT  joined the practice as members of the therapeutic/ training staff.  With Michael's unwavering vision and mission, it became clear the practice called for a new name: Janus Counseling Center. 

Janus, in mythology is known as the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages, and endings. We recognize our patients commonly come to see us when they find themselves in the midst of difficult and disorienting transitions.  We consider ourselves honored to help guide them through some of the significant transitional portals and passages in their lives.